Laurentian University Remains Committed to French-language Education in Ontario

Laurentian University has long been a shining beacon of French-language education, serving Francophone students from here, across Ontario, and beyond for more than sixty years. To be clear, the commitment to Ontario’s Francophone community is a primary goal of Laurentian University and will continue to be a leading part of our mission as a restructured Laurentian goes forward into the future.

We are proud of Laurentian’s Francophone history and service to the community. We are proud that our students, staff and faculty have earned the hard-won right to learn, work, and contribute to Ontarian communities in French at Laurentian. Proud that the programs we will offer represent what Francophone leaders of tomorrow are seeking as they pursue their studies. 

We are committed to the future of Laurentian as a university where French-language programming and teaching is valued and our bilingual character celebrated. This objective will continue throughout our restructuring under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).

Laurentian is Canada’s only university with a tricultural mandate, offering a university experience in English and French with a comprehensive approach to Indigenous education. 

Laurentian University is nurturing the next generation of young Francophone leaders that our communities need and deserve. We look forward to serving the Francophone population for many years to come, working in continuing partnerships with our major provincial’s stakeholders including the twelve francophone school boards, the two French-language colleges, the French-language division of the Ministry of Education and our many community partners.  

‘La Laurentienne,’ as we affectionately call our university in French, has made Franco-Ontarian history, serving as the incubator of the Franco-Ontarian renaissance and was recognized first among bilingual universities in Ontario under the French Language Services Act. This ongoing story continues to be central to the future of la Laurentienne.