Hello, Aanii, Bonjour,

Just a few days ago, Laurentian announced that it had started a formal court proceeding in order to restructure itself.  We know that it’s difficult news for our community. For our faculty and our staff. For our alumni, our friends. And especially, for you, our students. 

I nonetheless continue to be optimistic about and committed to Laurentian’s future.

We are developing an exciting plan for a “Laurentian 2.0” that will provide you with an even better student experience and education, all while ensuring that your best interest is prioritized throughout this difficult time.

Laurentian students, many of them first-generation learners, are deserving of the promise that our northern University delivers. We train next generation nurses, engineers, scientists, innovators, and artists. We engage in cutting-edge research and scholarship that breaks new trails. We build social movements and transform communities. And we do it all in a richly diverse, multicultural community that celebrates Indigenous and Francophone cultures.

These qualities that Laurentian fosters are worthy of being defended. And you are worthy of every opportunity to pursue your education in our hallowed halls.

We recognize that you have questions about our future and in particular about your studies. We are listening to everything you are telling us and we are continuing to update the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for students at www.laurentianu.info. We also want to encourage you to stay connected with your student leaders, who are a valuable resource on the frontlines of this issue.

We will continue to reach out to you. We hope that you will continue reaching out to us.

I remain committed to you, to our community, to Laurentian.

Thank you, Miigwech, Merci
Robert Haché, PhDPresident and Vice-Chancellor