Consultations In Phase 2 of CCAA Restructuring at Laurentian to begin

Sudbury, May 3, 2021 — Laurentian University, la Laurentienne and the Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) have agreed to terms that are contained in a court Order drafted by and issued on the consent of both parties.  This consent Order creates a platform for consultations and information-sharing regarding any proposals that may be made by the AFO and any restructuring or financial sustainability initiatives that may impact the status or use of the French language at la Laurentienne, as the university moves into Phase 2 of its CCAA restructuring.  

Pursuant to the court Order, these consultations will be subject to an appropriate confidentiality agreement, are subject to all other Orders issued in the CCAA proceeding, will include the court-appointed Monitor and may include the court-appointed Mediator if requested by the parties. The court-appointed Monitor will ultimately report to the Court within the CCAA proceeding on the reasonableness and fairness of the terms of any restructuring that may be proposed.

La Laurentienne has served Francophone students from Greater Sudbury, across Ontario, and beyond for more than sixty years,” said President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Haché, PhD. “La Laurentienne fully intends to continue to serve the Francophone population for many years to come –– nurturing the next generation of young Francophone leaders that our communities need and deserve, and working in continuing collaboration with our community partners.”

La Laurentienne was the first first bilingual university in Ontario to be designated under the Province’s French Language Services Act and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including psychologie, sciences infirmières, activité physique, orthophonie, and many more. 

President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Haché, PhD. said We are exceptionally proud of the fact that more than 2,000 undergraduate students are currently enrolled in our many French-language programs, and that the number of students choosing to attend La Laurentienne for our French-language programs has steadily increased over the past several years.”  

La Laurentienne will continue its proud tradition of delivering high quality postsecondary education to the Francophone communities in Sudbury, Northern Ontario, around the globe.