Sudbury, April 1, 2021– On February 1, 2021, the Laurentian community embarked on a very difficult chapter of our history, commencing restructuring proceedings under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).  This step provided the best, and possibly the only, opportunity for the University to restructure its operations, enabling a financially sustainable future.

As part of the CCAA process, Laurentian terminated its federation agreement with Huntington University, Thorneloe University and the University of Sudbury on April 1, 2021, which termination will become effective on May 1, 2021.  Issuance of the termination notices was done with the approval of the court-appointed Monitor in the CCAA proceeding. 

Termination of the federation agreements was necessary in order to ensure that millions of dollars paid by Laurentian to the federated universities each year relating to the delivery of programs and courses will remain within Laurentian, as part of its path to future financial sustainability.  Laurentian has the capacity and the faculty required to teach all students in a more efficient delivery model.  These steps allow Laurentian to focus its resources on programs and courses that students have demonstrated they are interested in taking.

The termination of the federated university relationship relates to delivery of academic programs and courses only.  Each of the federated universities will continue to own and operate their own buildings and facilities, including residences.  

Laurentian is committed to ensuring that students enrolled in programs at any of the federated universities will be offered a place within Laurentian in a similar or alternative program, and assistance will be available to help students navigate those choices.

We remain proud of these three federated institutions and the pivotal role they have played in our community’s history, whose traditions we will continue to celebrate at Laurentian.  

Throughout the CCAA process, students have been our foremost priority. We understand that this news will be difficult for all Laurentian students in programs administered by the federated universities. However, we remain committed to ensuring all students’ path to a quality education.

For current students with questions about their program, please reach out directly to the dean of your faculty.

Laurentian applicants applying at programs administered by the federated universities can reach out to Liaison Services:

For all the the latest information about the CCAA proceedings, visit