Hello, Aanii, Bonjour,

The last two weeks have been exceptionally difficult for our community. We are a community in mourning for the Laurentian that we once knew, a University whose future we must ensure.

Laurentian elicits passion — and we have heard the outpouring of support for the University –– our students, faculty and staff. It is clear people not only support, but cherish Laurentian. We are extremely grateful for that. We have also heard and understood the anguish, and have felt it as well. 

The University is changing, and it has to change. We are undergoing a seismic shift. And the transition period will be arduous, as these past two months have underscored. From this point, we can only go forward.

Laurentian has filed with the court an affidavit supporting a request for an extension to the initial stay of proceedings through the summer, to allow the University to complete the next phase of its restructuring. This affidavit details all of the work that has been accomplished to date and outlines what is needed in the next phase of the restructuring.

So much has happened but much remains to be done. However, I truly believe that if the University is successful in receiving an extension of the stay of proceedings and the other relief it is seeking on April 29th, there will be an achievable path forward to a new sustainable Laurentian. A Laurentian that provides the type and variety of programming that students are looking for and that the community needs –– bilingual programming in French and English and with a comprehensive approach to Indigenous education, cornerstones of our tricultural mandate.

Laurentian University is and will continue to be student-focused and this focus –– together with our world-class researchers, professors, staff and students –– will guide our growth as together we create the Laurentian of the future.

Thank you, Miigwech, Merci

Robert Haché, PhD
President and Vice-Chancellor