Monday, April 12, 2021

Hello, Aanii, Bonjour,

Last week, a special in-camera session of the Academic Senate was held to determine the future of academic programming at Laurentian University.  In February, six Senators were elected by their fellow Senators to represent the interests of Senate in the Court-supervised Mediation process.  These six Senators actively participated on the Senate Mediation Committee for the purpose of  reviewing and making recommendations regarding the restructuring of Laurentian’s academic programs.  

At the in-camera Senate meeting on Tuesday of  last week, the six members of the Senate Mediation Committee as elected by Senate, provided their Senate colleagues with the results of their review in respect of academic programs to be closed. The Senators accepted the changes proposed by Laurentian that had been negotiated with the Senate subcommittee in mediation and voted to approve the program terminations and the restructuring of faculties and departments. 

While these changes are necessary in order to ensure Laurentian’s future, a reduction in the total number of program offerings, and an overall restructuring of the University, also means that today we provided end of employment notice to our faculty and staff of upcoming reductions. Some of our colleagues will be leaving us at the end of April 2021, and some in May 2021. 

We understand how difficult this news is for all faculty and staff, but especially those who have been provided with notice that their employment will end.  We have ensured that those colleagues that have been directly affected by the reductions will be offered a period of ongoing support, post-termination, through our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), as well as career transition support. 

We encourage all faculty and staff to access the resources and supports that are available to all members of our community through the following: 

  • Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP Website or call 1-844-880-0137 or download the My EAP App). 
  • You can access Togetherall (Togetherall Website), an online service providing access to millions with anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues. 
  • LU Professional Development with wellness opportunities for staff and faculty on MyLaurentian homepage.
  • The Health & Wellness Clinic.

Today was a difficult day and we recognize that. All of our faculty and staff are part of the fabric of Laurentian, and these changes will require a period of profound adjustment. In spite of the heaviness that we feel today and the complexities of the challenges before us, I have faith that Laurentian will continue, in order to serve our community and educate future generations of talent from Northern Ontario, and beyond. 

Thank you, Miigwech, Merci,

Robert Haché, PhD
President and Vice-Chancellor