Attributable to Lou Pagnutti, Chief Redevelopment Officer

As a key step in the CCAA process, Laurentian has engaged Nous Group to conduct a thorough operational and governance review of the University. Its purpose is to make recommendations for improving the operational structure and function of the University, as well as governance at the Board and Senate.

In August, the University issued a public RFP to identify potential firms to conduct this work. The University received bids from three firms by the end of the RFP process. After careful consideration of the proposals, the University, in consultation with the independent, court-appointed Monitor (Ernst & Young) and me, in my role as Chief Redevelopment Officer, determined that the three firms were not best-suited to conduct the review due to issues related to conflicts of interest or requisite qualifications. This provided the University with the opportunity to reach out directly to several highly qualified firms that could conduct the review. After reviewing the additional proposals, the University concluded that Nous was the most appropriate firm to effectively complete this work.

Nous is a leading management consultancy with a proven track record in the higher education sector, including working with many Canadian universities. In keeping with the commitment to conduct the review in an independent manner, Nous is reporting directly to myself and the court-appointed Monitor. Nous began their preparatory work last week, and the review is expected to take approximately two months, with recommendations to follow.

Completing this review is an important and exciting step in charting a sustainable path forward for the University — and one that is aligned with peer institutions. I am confident it will allow the University to ensure the appropriate governance and operational frameworks are in place now and in the future.

Lou Pagnutti, Chief Redevelopment Officer