At Laurentian University, this is a time of transformation and determination to make our university strong for the future.

Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) Proceedings

On February 1st, Laurentian University commenced a court proceeding for a formal restructuring to be undertaken pursuant to the CCAA. The goal of the restructuring is to ensure that current and future students will continue to have access to a high quality post-secondary education at Laurentian for years to come.

The court proceedings will provide a court-supervised platform for the University to financially and operationally restructure and become sustainable long-term. Updates and important documents are shared on this website.

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Operational and Governance Review

Attributable to Lou Pagnutti, Chief Redevelopment Officer As a key step in the CCAA process, Laurentian has engaged Nous Group to conduct a thorough operational and governance review of the University. Its purpose is to make recommendations for improving the...

Message from the President and Vice-Chancellor

Hello, Aanii, Bonjour, Laurentian respects the Auditor General’s mandate, and has granted her office direct access to our entire financial database, enrollment system, and all non-privileged documents requested. No Ontario court has ever ruled on whether the Auditor...

Message from the President and Vice-Chancellor

Hello, Aanii, Bonjour, It has been a few weeks of rapid and significant developments at Laurentian University. I write to you today as I am now able to provide an update on what has taken place recently, and also to clarify the next stages in the CCAA process. ...

Statement on Animal Care Facility

Laurentian University wishes to thank the community for their questions and concerns on the Animal Care Facility. The facility is small and has primarily housed mice and rats for medical-related research. With the closure of the Animal Care Facility, these research...

Message from the President and Vice-Chancellor

Hello, Aanii, Bonjour, The last two weeks have been exceptionally difficult for our community. We are a community in mourning for the Laurentian that we once knew, a University whose future we must ensure. Laurentian elicits passion -- and we have heard the outpouring...

In Support of Indigenous Education in Sudbury

Sudbury, April 16, 2021 -- Laurentian University and University of Sudbury have signed an interim agreement outlining the negotiated terms that will be implemented by the parties following the disclaimer of the Federation Agreement by Laurentian on April 1, 2021...