Laurentian University appreciates the clarity provided by the Court’s decision on the preliminary issue of the stay of the Speaker’s Warrants. The matters for which the stay was granted will be heard by the Court on a date to be scheduled. With respect to those portions for which the stay does not apply, as Laurentian University has previously confirmed, it accepts the Court’s guidance and will comply with all of its legal obligations, subject to any further direction of the Court.

The University will continue to cooperate with the Standing Committee’s request.

Laurentian University is on a difficult and necessary journey of transformational change. As we continue the hard work of restructuring, we are working through a complex process involving many stakeholders with the assistance of a court-appointed Monitor and under the direct supervision of the Court. Especially in light of the Province’s support, we remain confident that Laurentian will emerge as a fully restructured, financially viable, and renewed Laurentian University for the long-term.